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With distance learning in full effect, the challenge to find scalable and effective learning solutions is the top priority of educators worldwide. Project-based learning (PBL) engages students in authentic and collaborative learning experiences, while fostering problem solving and self-directed learning skills. Project Pals streamlines PBL for new and experienced teachers by transforming PBL lesson plans from the printed page to an interactive learning environment, facilitating real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world.  

Here's the details on the free trial:

  • The free trial lasts for 30 days from the day you sign up
  • Projects can be completed in one to two weeks 
  • Designed for 4th grade and up and modifiable for the needs of the students
  • Interdisciplinary and subject-specific projects
  • After your 30 day free trial, you can optionally upgrade to a paid account. View our pricing for more info.


Project Pals Named As Common Sense Selection for Learning

Common Sense Selections for Learning are best-in-class media resources and tools that facilitate great learning experiences for students and educators. Common Sense expert reviewers make hand-picked, official selections annually based on their independent rating criteria and pedagogical rubric.

Streamline classroom projects

While preparing students for the collaborative workplace

COVID has accelerated the movement amongst professionals to collaborate and work remotely. Project management and collaboration software enable teams to work together from around the world without missing a beat. PBL emulates the collaborative problem solving that happens every day in companies large and small. Professionals use technology to collaborate, and so should teachers and students. Project Pals brings the best of collaboration software adapted specifically for educational use.

Created by Miriam Bogler, a technology teacher and PBL expert, Project Pals was designed to address the challenges of implementing PBL at scale in person or remotely. 

  • Choose pre-designed projects from our Catalog or design your own project
  • Guide students in the project process with visual and sequential scaffolding 
  • Centralize collaboration within one platform
  • Import documents from Google's G Suite and Microsoft Office365
  • Access project data detailing individual student contribution - so you know exactly who did what in the group effort

Real stories from real educators

Hear how Project Pals is transforming PBL

Districts, schools and teachers all over the world are using Project Pals as part of their daily teaching regimen. Click on the play button below to watch inspiring video testimonials from teachers using Project Pals to scale their PBL craft.

"I love the real time data and the kids love it too because they want to be the best. When they look at the pie chart, they are motivated to do more."

- Heather Castaneda Ponce, Mack Middle School

"Having everything in one place made grading in Project Pals super easy because the content was all there and very organized."

- Kelsey Dolge, New Century Academy

Project Pals gets students building real skills -- not just for critical thinking and creation, but for collaboration and organization -- that directly translate to the real world.

- Common Sense Education

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Students begin collaborating, while you monitor their work and project data

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Project Pals is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktop, Chromebook and tablet. It is not supported on mobile phones.

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Reimagine Life After the Coronavirus

How has Coronavirus impacted us? What preventative measures can be taken to help rebuild aspects of our lives?

Science Social Studies Grades 6 - 12

Pursuit of Passion Towards a Career Goal

What are you passionate about? Research the history and significance of your passion and develop a plan to turn your passion into a career.

Career Planning Social Studies 4 - 12

UN Sustainability Goal #1
UN Sustainability Goal #1 - No Poverty

How can we eradicate poverty? This project is based on UN Sustainability Goal #1. Research the scope of the problem and evaluate potential solutions to achieve no poverty.

Social Studies Math Science 4 -12

Producing a Podcast
Producing a Podcast

Turn your classroom into a podcast production studio by using a computer and a smartphone and easily available software.

ELA Any Subject 4 - 12

The Math of Voting - Plurality System

Can a fair election produce an outcome that nobody likes? Use a vote on the type of hamburger you prefer to understand how a voting system can distort the voter's choice.

Math Social Studies 4 - 8

The Math of Coronavirus

How can we use the statistics of the Coronavirus, that we are exposed to daily, to improve our chances to get back to normal early.

Math Science 6 - 12

Book Report
Book Report Template

Take us along your journey into a book you are reading by describing its characters, the plot and leading us into the conflicts and climaxes that the characters experience.

ELA 4 - 12

Thanksgiving Expressed in Literature and Art

How does a thanksgiving short story relate to Norman Rockwell's famous 'Freedom from Want' painting and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1941 State of the Union address.

ELA Art History 6 - 12

You Are What You Eat

What does it mean to be healthy? Investigate how a healthy body functions, understand basal metabolic rate and what are governmental recommendations for nutrition.

Science Math 6 - 12

Solar Oven
How to Turn a Pizza Box Into A Solar Oven

How can you turn a pizza box into a solar oven? Build your own simple solar oven out of a pizza box, record the building process and investigate how the parts of the solar oven work.

Science 4 - 8

A Comparison of Shapes

Compare and contrast shapes by delving deep into their characteristics and learning to calculate their perimeter and area

Math 4 - 8

Solving a Problem in Society That We Care About

How can we contribute to solving a problem in society. Pick a problem you care for, Identify its problems and possible solutions and see how to get involved and make a difference

Social Studies Math Science 4 - 12