Critical Thinking 21st Century Skills

How to Improve Collaboration, Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking in Students

Critical thinking, communication, creative thinking, and collaboration are vital in the workplace, at home, and in virtually every interaction your students will have. Yet today’s teaching styles consistently fail to help students master these “four Cs.” The right curriculum can overcome this deficit, helping your students prepare for...

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Project-Based Learning 21st Century Skills

How do you teach 21st Century Skills? A Project Based Learning (PBL) Approach

Learning needs to be fun, relevant, and engaging. Hundreds of studies on how children learn tell us...

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Bring history to life with interactive maps

 Events are used in Project Pals to represent verbs: things that happened, processes, action items....

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Company Updates

Welcome to the New

Welcome to the new! We're excited to share our updated website, which is a resource...

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Computational Thinking

How Can We Keep Our Advantage Over Machines

In a TED talk titled: "Can we build AI without losing control over it", Sam Harris--a...

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Problem solving

Why is Problem Solving Left Out When Practicing Project-Based Learning

When employees are working on a project at the workplace, it is directed to achieve a goal. This...

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How to Improve Student Collaboration Skills

Schools are adopting project-based learning in growing numbers. Although it may seem like a trend,...

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Project-Based Learning

Implementing Project-Based Learning: Challenges and Solutions

According to the Buck Institute for Education, there is forty years of accumulated evidence that...

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Can Teaching Coding Close the Skills Gap

For many years I was teaching students computer programming. I was really fascinated with LCSI’s...

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Deep Learning

How Can Education Address Its Most Pressing Need

Education is flooded with buzzwords. Those usually represent trending methods or subjects that...

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