Announcing the New Project Dashboard


We are very excited to introduce you to a new consolidated workspace that now includes both the project dashboard and the workspace in one convenient location. We received many requests from users to simplify the work area. We listened to your wishes and we are happy to inform you that you can now work in the workspace and can have immediate access to all functionalities of the dashboard via a right side panel that opens when you click on the three line menu icon.ThreeLineMenu

The first menu item is the ‘Instructions for this tab,’ which is a tab related menu and is available for every single tab. Here, teachers can provide instructions for students about the work the teacher is expecting them to do in this tab. It included text editing tools and the ability to add links, images and videos.


The second menu item is related to the entire project and it provides the Project Details. It includes a project image, project video, project name, and project description. All these can be edited by teachers, as well as students.


The third menu item lists all ‘Team Members’ in the project. Those include students, teachers and experts.


The fourth menu item lists project ‘Standards,’ allowing teachers to select the standards that apply to this project and list them here.


The fifth menu item allows teachers and students to add Supporting Materials, which may include: a website, a pdf document, all G-Suite files, all Office 365 files, Youtube links and mp3 sound files.


The sixth menu item allows teachers and students to set up Tasks. Teachers can set up tasks for students ahead of time and students can set up tasks for themselves. A task includes: title, a due date, a description and who does it need to be assigned to. When a task is completed, students can check it and it will turn green. Only the teacher and the person/s that task was assigned to can check a task as complete.


The seventh menu item allows the teacher to assign a project to class. When pressing the ‘Assign to Class’ menu item, it opens a window that lists all the classes that belong to the teacher. Teachers can then select the class to which they want to assign the project, which leads them to the list of students that are part of that class. At which point, teachers can set up the students in teams.AssignToClass

The eighth menu item is the ‘Analytics.’ When a student is logged in, it will display a pie chart with each student’s contribution to the project. When a teacher is logged in, it will display a detailed set of graphs, charts and tables that measure student contribution.


The right side panel can be closed by clicking on the arrow next to their name.


We hope that these changes are going to be helpful and will make your work with Project Pals easier and much more efficient. We would appreciate your feedback in order to make Project Pals even better in the future.