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How We're Helping with Distance Learning - Free Licenses for All!

Project Pals is offering free licenses of our collaboration platform for all educators and parents looking to facilitate meaningful distance learning.

The entire educational ecosystem is focused on how to create meaningful Distance Learning experiences. School Boards are devising plans, teachers are sharing assignments, and parents and students are figuring out how to accomplish school work at home.

As a provider of an all-in-one project management platform for collaborative learning, we want to be part of the solution to create meaningful, transparent and scalable Distance Learning initiatives.

That's why we're offering FREE licenses of Project Pals for the remainder of this school year to any district, school, teacher or parent who wants to facilitate inquiry-based and project-based learning experiences remotely with transparency and accountability.

How do I sign up for a free account?

The first step is to request a demo. We will contact you to schedule a 30 minute video call to preview the platform.

After you've seen the platform and confirmed you want to use it, we'll schedule a follow-up training and provide you with access to your account.

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How does Project Pals work?

Project Pals is a platform used to facilitate collaborative learning and problem solving remotely in real-time (similar to the seamless collaboration in Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365).

Educators can design their own project/inquiry or select one from our Catalog of pre-made projects (we have over 100 projects and growing). Teachers assign projects to classes, and then students, working individually or in teams, create their own copy of the project, and respond to the scaffolds and prompts at each step of the project.

Students working collaboratively from anywhere in the world can see each other's contributions in real-time without having to refresh their page. All of the student work is documented and memorialized in the digital workspace. Teachers can review the "evidence of rigor" of how students thought and what they created throughout the project.

In addition to the student work, teachers are also able to view Project Analytics - powerful data measuring individual student contribution in the project. The data makes it easier to determine who contributed what to the project, informing a holistic assessment of student effort. Students also have access to project data, increasing transparency and accountability amongst the team and motivating students to do their part.

What are the benefits of using Project Pals as a Distance Learning solution?

  • Engage students with real authentic investigations and inquiries from home - not just worksheets
  • Collaborate and connect with teachers and peers to help reduce loneliness during social distancing
  • Gain first-hand experience working remotely with others to solve problems, similar to modern workplaces
  • Built for scale - our platform enables teachers to manage projects with hundreds of students simultaneously
  • Access project data to increase transparency and accountability in collaborative work, while providing educators with proof of student engagement

What devices do you need to use Project Pals?

Project Pals is a cloud-based application that works on web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You do not need to download an app from the App Store to use Project Pals. You will need internet access to use the platform.

Project Pals works on tablets, laptops and desktops, including Chromebook and iPad.

What resources does Project Pals provide to help teachers and students learn how to use the platform?

We provide virtual trainings, webinars, live chat support, and a help center full of articles and videos explaining how to use the platform.

What does Project Pals typically cost?

Our intent is that if you use Project Pals and find value in it, that you would advocate for your school or district to purchase student licenses for next school year. An annual student license costs $10 per year. We offer supplemental professional development and project design coaching in addition the student license fee.

Who is currently using Project Pals?

Thousands of students and hundreds of teachers are using Project Pals across dozens of school sites across the United States. A few highlights include:

  • The Career Technical Education department at Pomona Unified School District
  • Middle School Social Studies teachers at a Title 1 school in Clark County School District
  • Charter schools in San Diego and Minnesota
  • Small and mid-sized districts in California, Iowa and Texas that are committed to project-based learning

Watch the brief Teacher Success Story below, featuring Heather Castaneda-Ponce, a Social Studies teacher from Mack Middle School in Clark County School District. Heather is an amazing teacher who uses Project Pals to facilitate small group project-based learning with 400 students simultaneously. 


Can I share this offer with my friends and colleagues?

Yes, please do! This offer applies to all educational stakeholders - administrators, teachers, and parents - and is valid through the end of the school year.

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