Product Update: The New Content Library, Search and More...

We just released a bunch of great updates to our collaborative platform. We are very excited to introduce you to our new Content Library and additional changes that will make your work in Project Pals easier and more efficient. Here are the highlights included in this release:

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Computational Thinking

How do I identify the main parts of a problem?

As we roll out Project Pals, one of the things that keeps me busy is how to teach users to identify...

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21st Century Skills

Is Our K-12 Education System Successfully Preparing Students for the Workforce?

A few hundred years ago, education meant an apprenticeship under an expert, not years spent in a...

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Educational Technology

How to Obtain Administrative Buy-In for School Technology

Most adults spend much of their workday at the computer. Whether it’s teleconferencing with people...

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Deep Learning

How to Get Started with Student-Directed Learning

Project-based learning lessons build on the idea that student-directed learning is the most...

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Educational Technology Project-Based Learning

Top 7 Web Tools for Project-Based Learning

Students are tired of boring classrooms. Teachers are sick of disengaged students. It doesn’t have...

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Deep Learning Strategic Thinking Math

The Power of Problem-Based Learning for Math

It is quite typical for math to be a content outlier when it comes to Project-Based Learning (PBL),...

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Inquiry Based Learning

How to Implement Inquiry-Based Learning Lesson Plans

In a typical American classroom, students are passive recipients of knowledge. They must memorize...

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What are the Advantages of Student-Centered Learning?

Student-centered learning (SCL) might seem inconsistent with basic educational goals. After all,...

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Project-Based Learning

How to Create Project Based Learning Lessons

Most teachers know that children are more invested in learning when it’s fun and relevant. What...

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