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Wardlaw+Hartridge AP Students Explore Ecological Footprint

New Jersey AP students present their project
New Jersey AP students present their project

Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES) course at The Wardlaw+Hartridge School in Edison, New Jersey is utilizing Project Based Learning. The first of five projects involved students auditing the school's waste, water, and energy usage and developing solutions to minimize its ecological footprint. After studying consumption patterns and researching the consequences of resource overuse, the students proposed actionable strategies to address the identified problems, backed by data and research.

APES instructor Ann Pengue facilitated a presentation session where two student groups pitched their proposals to reduce the school's resource use to a panel of administrators. This panel, which included high-level school administrators like Dr. Corinna Crafton and Dr. Bob Bowman, evaluated the proposals, gave feedback, and selected the one they found most beneficial and feasible for implementation. The proposals aimed to address environmental issues related to the school's operations and contribute to global ecological conservation efforts.

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