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Project Pals Awarded 'Tool of the Week' on the Ignite EdTech Podcast!

Project Pals is the Tool of the Week on the Ignite EdTech podcast produced by accomplished EdTech consultant Craig Kemp. The Ignite EdTech Podcast is a weekly discussion around all things EdTech, including innovative tools and interviews with expert speakers.

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Tech & Learning Reviews Project Pals

This is a big deal! Project Pals was reviewed by Tech & Learning, the vaunted thought leader in all things educational technology. The review is incredibly positive, proclaiming that "Project Pals is a complete project management platform...Using this platform, students can develop the skills they need to succeed in today’s collaborative work environments."
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Project Pals Reviewed in Ed Tech Roundup

Mike Karlin of Ed Tech Roundup reviewed Project Pals' visual collaboration platform, honoring us with his thoughtful reflection and an 'Outstanding' final score. Give Mike's review a read for a thorough overview the platform benefits.

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How to start a project-based learning movement in your district

Project Pals Founder and CEO, Miriam Bogler, shared her PBL expertise with eSchool News providing practical advice about what's needed to make project-based learning work in the classroom.

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EdTech Startup Project Pals Partners With Georgia's Haralson County School District

Partnership Leverages Innovative Project Based Learning Platform Empowering Students to Manage Projects Collaboratively Across the District

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