Project Pals Awarded 'Tool of the Week' on the Ignite EdTech Podcast!

Project Pals is the Tool of the Week on the Ignite EdTech Podcast produced by accomplished EdTech consultant Craig Kemp. Click to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Project Pals is the Tool of the Week on the Ignite EdTech podcast produced by accomplished EdTech consultant Craig Kemp. The Ignite EdTech Podcast is a weekly discussion around all things EdTech, including innovative tools and interviews with expert speakers.

Craig Kemp is a seasoned educator and keynote speaker advising schools in Singapore and across the globe on how to purposefully and effectively incorporate educational technology. With over 15 years of leadership and classroom experience, Kemp is passionate about connecting EdTech companies with schools to improve student learning.

In this episode, Kemp discusses cultivating authentic collaborative experiences in the classroom and beyond, and praises the Project Pals platform as a way to facilitate this outcome. Keep an eye out for more details about how Kemp discovered our platform, how it fits within his pedagogy, and the results he's seen with Project Pals at some of the schools he's worked with.

We're thrilled to be featured among the latest and greatest tools in EdTech!

Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts, or find us in the beginning of Episode 64 wherever you get your podcasts.

For more information about Craig Kemp or the Ignite EdTech Podcast, visit, or join his 46,600+ followers on Twitter @mrkempNZ!

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