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Project Pals Reviewed in Ed Tech Roundup

Mike Karlin of Ed Tech Roundup reviewed Project Pals' visual collaboration platform, honoring us with his thoughtful reflection and an 'Outstanding' final score. Give Mike's review a read for a thorough overview the platform benefits.

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How to start a project-based learning movement in your district

Project Pals Founder and CEO, Miriam Bogler, shared her PBL expertise with eSchool News providing practical advice about what's needed to make project-based learning work in the classroom.

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EdTech Startup Project Pals Partners With Georgia's Haralson County School District

Partnership Leverages Innovative Project Based Learning Platform Empowering Students to Manage Projects Collaboratively Across the District

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When Kids Have Structure for Thinking, Better Learning Emerges

Amidst the discussions about content standards, curriculum and teaching strategies, it’s easy to lose sight of the big goals behind education, like giving students tools to deepen their quantitative and qualitative understanding of the world. Teaching for understanding has always been a challenge, which is why Harvard’s Project Zero has been trying to figure out how great teachers do it.

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Deeper Learning: More Crucial Than Ever, and Yet Too Rare

Advocates of “deeper learning” say deeper learning has become even more important in a changing economy that demands critical thinking. But only about a fifth of high school classrooms are learning deeply, according to one national study.

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