Ready to expand your pedagogy?

PBL 101: A Beginner's Guide to Project-Based Learning is an excellent resource for any educator looking to add PBL to their practice.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is PBL? Everything You Need to Know
  • A Brief History of Project-Based Learning
  • 5 Key Characteristics of PBL
  • 7 PBL Best Practices for Your Classroom
  • The Research-Backed Benefits of PBL
  • 4 Advantage Areas of Doing PBL with Students
      ... and more!

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PBL 101 A Beginners Guide to Project-Based Learning

Free Training for Teachers and Students


Learn How to Use Project Pals

This instructional playlist has 24 video tutorials on everything teachers need to know to get started on Project Pals, like how to:

  • sign up students or import classes from Google Classroom
  • create projects from scratch or through the project wizard
  • clone pre-made projects from the Project Catalog
  • use the project dashboard and tools 
  • assign projects and set up student teams

Set Your Students Up for Success

Quickly get students acquainted with our interface with this 25-video playlist that covers every tool Project Pals has to offer.

Learn how to add media and files, create components and events, and master the project dashboard and workspace. 

Our new Student Orientation Project pairs these videos with practice activities where students add details about their lives—perfect for getting to know students at the start of the year!


Brush Up on the Basics and Beyond

New to PBL?

Watch this 6-video playlist that dives into the philosophy behind project-based learning and how to best implement this practice in your classroom. 

Go through basic platform training, or opt for advanced to take your Project Pals skills to the next level!