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Project Pals’ robust workspace and analytics tools are unparalleled.

There’s no better way to house and showcase the innovative learning taking place in your school or district.

Give students the perfect space to hone key employability skills, like:

  • Planning and reasoning
  • Critical thinking and decision-making
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Presentation skills
  • Creativity

In this quick 30-minute demo, you’ll get an overview of our platform and a walkthrough of our basic and advanced features. 

Learn about our onboarding process and professional development opportunities, and speak directly with our founder about customizations.

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The results are in: Project Pals boosts accountability and engagement.

“One of the things that’s made Project Pals essential is the analytics. Before, I could guess what happened during group work or who wasn’t holding up their side of a project. Usually, I was right on, but this allows me to quickly see evidence of what I’m assuming is happening. So from a teacher’s point of view, I absolutely love the real-time data. I also found that my kids were a lot more engaged. I had more participation. My kids actually work!”

“Project Pals was the best thing that happened when we all had to go online. Project Pals has created a platform that made distance learning feel like we were all together in one place still. Project Pals has made our experience with distance learning easy, enjoyable, and user-friendly. The application itself is simple. It’s drag, drop, play, create, have fun! The kids get quite engaged because they don’t want to let their team down.”

“Working with Project Pals has been a very positive experience for helping our students to grow and share the fruits of their labor with families and communities. It’s been a great solution for distance learning since it enables students to work digitally in teams. From an accountability perspective, we have more than 40 campuses, so being able to grab a quick report of what’s happening is very valuable for us at the district level.”