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PBL Consulting

As the founder of an EdTech company, instructional technology expert, computer teacher and technology coordinator, Miriam Bogler brings a rich professional background to help schools design and implement their technology and project-based learning initiatives.  Our consulting includes the following services:

Project-Based Learning Consulting

​This training provides teachers with a general knowledge of how to conduct project-based learning and will include the following topics:

  • Project-based learning online training

  • Designing standard-based interdisciplinary projects

  • How to create effective rubrics for projects

  • How to be a project mentor

  • How to manage teams

  • Collaboration best practices

  • Project-based learning assessment

  • Project presentation best practices

Managing Projects Effectively

​Project management can make or break a project. Teachers are not project managers, which is why learning to manage projects should be a skill every teacher working on PBL should learn. In turn, teachers should train their students to manage their projects effectively. These are the project management skills we train teachers:

  • Assigning team roles

  • Effective project leadership

  • Managing projects with tasks

  • Project management rules

  • Effective project followup

Project Research

The quality of any project depends on the quality of research that students can perform. Projects that are based on best research practices end up being superior to those in which students' research skills were poor.

  • How does Google Search work

  • Filter and refine your Google Search results

  • Search strategies best practices

  • Connecting you to the most helpful relevant information

  • How to interpret search results

  • How to evaluate search results

Design Your Interdisciplinary Project

There is a plethora of available projects that teachers can use in their classroom, but sometimes teachers are interested to tailor a project to their instructional needs. We can help teachers do just that by going through the following:

  • Define the driving question

  • Identify necessary project parts

  • Break down the project into sections

  • Identify how disciplines connect to each other

  • Come up with all guiding questions 

  • Identify all necessary parts for each section

  • Design effective project rubrics

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