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Prepare Students to Manage Their Own Life With Confidence

Anything we do in life is a project—whether it is cooking, raising kids, designing a marketing campaign, or creating an art piece. To prepare students to accomplish these goals successfully, we are committed to introducing them to project-based learning that is grounded in experience and driven by student interest.

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Help students develop skills they can use in any problem-solving situation

We face problems, big and small, simple and complex, clear and confusing every day in our lives. That is why the types of projects that students should be engaged in are those that solve a problem they or their community are struggling with, preparing them to assume their life roles with confidence.

Helping teachers understand the PBL process, project management and collaboration

If innovative pedagogies like project-based learning always appealed to you, but you struggle with implementation and training, we are offering material that covers the following:

  • Understand the PBL methodology

  • Address Foundational Knowledge

  • How To Be A Good Mentor

  • Managing Project Teams

  • Collaboration best practices

  • Monitoring Projects

  • Rubrics and Assessments

  • Project Presentation

  • We are already offering a few free E-books covering these topics and working on adding more.

Classroom Ready Lesson Plan Templates

We are offering a plethora of classroom ready project templates that you can immediately assign to students. Projects are grouped into project packages that can be assigned as individual units or as a whole to students. Initially, you can download these lesson plans for free. In the future, we will be charging for each lesson plan download. Every lesson plan covers the following: 

  • Lesson units

  • Lesson templates per unit

  • Standards

  • Rubrics

PBL Resources and News

We are offering a vast collection of resources in our blog entries, white papers, PBL News and how it is being practiced around the world to help teachers be up to date on the latest PBL methodologies and technical implementations.

Flexible Consulting

Miriam Bogler, founder of the award-winning Project Pals PBL software, offers a personalized approach to implement project-based learning in your school.

Now you can achieve all the same research-backed benefits of PBL using the tools and systems already in place within your school or district

Why Hire an Education Consultant?

  • Learn winning strategies for education best practices

  • Master project-based learning implementation skillfully

  • Create a culture of innovation where new approaches are accepted

  • Build buy-in, support, and ownership so the practice actually gets adopted

  • Project design expertise to help you design your own custom projects

We would love to chat

Contact us via email and we will be happy to set up a call to answer any questions

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