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Project Pals is a project-based learning platform designed for schools striving to create future problem-solvers and instill essential 21st-Century skills.

Grounded in the PBL pedagogy, Project Pals allows you to track, assess, and showcase your innovative learning at scale, all in one easy-to-use platform.

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Give Students a Living Space for Problem-Solving

Our platform empowers students to organize their thinking, allowing them to make big connections sooner, and facilitates 21st-century employability skills like critical thinking and real-time collaboration.


Manage Group Projects with Accountability

Create and organize all of your project’s materials right in the workspace. Monitor student progress along the way, and grade group work accurately based on individual student contributions.

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Publish and Share Student Projects

Fantastic PBL projects are meant to be shared with a public audience. Doing so boosts your student’s confidenceand strengthens your school's connection with your community.

How It Works

  • Create Projects

  • Edit in the Workspace

  • Create Classes

  • Assign

  • Manage

  • Assess

  • Share!

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Create Custom Projects or Pick from 220+ PBL Projects in the Project Catalog

Create your own project from scratch using the Project Wizard, or choose from hundreds of high-quality Common Core-aligned Catalog Projects.

Refine your search by project type, duration, grade level, or subject matter. 

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Edit and Customize Content to Fit Your Needs in the Project Workspace

Plan out your project and prepare your students with all the materials and resources they need in one place.

Organize and label project tabs, insert attention-grabbing images and videos, and add other tools for students to structure their thinking.

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Create Your Class or Import an Existing Class from Google Classroom

Create individual classes and invite students quickly and easily by sending a custom sign-up link or linking your Google Classroom account.

Click on your classes to see projects, members, assignments, and settings.

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Assign Projects to Students and Create Custom Teams in Just a Few Clicks

When your project is ready to be shared with students, assign it to your class using the Project Menu in the Workspace. 

Group your students into custom teams of two or more, differentiating however you see fit, before sending your project off to students.

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Track and Monitor Progress Using the Project Menu and Dashboard

Assign students specific tasks with detailed descriptions and due dates to set the pace of your project.

Quickly view and navigate to top-performing projects and students right from the Dashboard when you log in.

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Assess Students at the Group and Individual Levels with Advanced Analytics

Project Pal's analytics takes all the guesswork out of grading group projects with detailed data displays of student contributions in the Project Menu.

Leave these visible to students to bring on some friendly competition and accountability!

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Share Your Projects Publicly While Still Protecting Student Privacy

Once your projects are ready to share, simply send the link to parents and the community. When student projects are published to a public link, students' personal data is hidden from viewers.

Publish projects to school and district catalogs for other teachers to use.

Students can also enter presentation mode in the workspace for a classroom presentation or school-wide student showcase!


Students Share Their Experience

Hear what using Project Pals is like firsthand from students at Bloom Public School in India.

Case Study How Project Pals Helped Students Excel with PBL at Mack Middle School in Vegas-1
p2 Case Study How Project Pals Helped Students Excel with PBL at Mack Middle School in Vegas

Students Excel with PBL at Mack Middle

After a successful pilot program in 2018, students in Heather's classroom and across Mack Middle School have excelled with PBL on Project Pals. 

  • Their Story
  • PBL Challenges & Our Solutions
  • Sample Projects & Analytics
  • School-wide Statistics
  • Key Takeaways

Here's what our users are saying...

“One of the things that’s made Project Pals essential is the analytics. Before, I could guess what happened during group work or who wasn’t holding up their side of a project. Usually, I was right on, but this allows me to quickly see evidence of what I’m assuming is happening. So from a teacher’s point of view, I absolutely love the real-time data. I also found that my kids were a lot more engaged. I had more participation. My kids actually work!”

“Project Pals was the best thing that happened when we all had to go online. Project Pals has created a platform that made distance learning feel like we were all together in one place still. Project Pals has made our experience with distance learning easy, enjoyable, and user-friendly. The application itself is simple. It’s drag, drop, play, create, have fun! The kids get quite engaged because they don’t want to let their team down.”

“Working with Project Pals has been a very positive experience for helping our students to grow and share the fruits of their labor with families and communities. It’s been a great solution for distance learning since it enables students to work digitally in teams. From an accountability perspective, we have more than 40 campuses, so being able to grab a quick report of what’s happening is very valuable for us at the district level.”


Brush up on PBL Basics and Research


Grab our FREE eBook! PBL 101: A Beginner's Guide to Project-Based Learning

  • What is PBL? Everything You Need to Know
  • A Brief History of PBL
  • 5 Key Characteristics of PBL
  • 7 PBL Best Practices for Your Classroom
  • The Research-Backed Benefits of PBL
  • 4 Advantage Areas of Doing PBL... and more!
PBL 101 A Beginners Guide to Project-Based Learning

Have questions? We have answers.

Will Project Pals be compatible with our school's technology?

Project Pals is compatible with most device types and modern browsers, including Chromebooks, iPads, and other tablets.

Does Project Pals integrate with Google Classroom and Google Drive?

Yes, teachers can easily import classes from Google Classroom and students can quickly grab files from Google Drive for projects.

How much does Project Pals cost?

Project Pals costs $10/student per year for schools or $500/year for an individual teacher license. Volume discounts for districts may apply.

Please see our pricing page or get in touch for more details.

What is the training and onboarding process like?

Our onboarding process includes three 1-hour training sessions on Project Pals basics, advanced features, and project management training. These sessions can be delivered all at once or in intervals, depending on availability and preference.

How long does it take to start my first project?

After 1 hour of basic training, you can start your first project in minutes by using the Project Wizard or cloning a project right from our Project Catalog.

Do I need to know PBL to use Project Pals?

While some basic knowledge of PBL is beneficial, anyone who completes our onboarding training sessions can be successful with Project Pals. Additionally, we have basic information about PBL on our blog, free training videos, and a professional development course on implementing PBL.

How does Project Pals track individual student contributions?

Project Pals uses different terms to describe user behavior. Here's what each of them mean: 

Hours: active time spent in Project Pals (this resets after you've been idle for 15 minutes)
Sessions: number of times a user has logged into Project Pals
Actions: number of times a user has created or edited content
Tasks: specific project goals assigned to students in the workspace by the teacher
Collaborations: shared actions, such as comments and contributions to the same content

Find individual student data by project inside each Project Menu, or see big trends over time under Statistics.

Does Project Pals provide curriculum or lesson plans?

While Project Pals does not include a comprehensive curriculum, we do have an ever-growing Project Catalog of over 220 high-quality PBL projects adapted from Lucas Education, Standford University, the Texas Performance Standards Project, University of Washington, and more.

Can Project Pals be translated into other languages?

Yes! Project Pal's interface and Catalog Projects are currently available in English and Spanish, and can be translated into other languages upon request.

How does Project Pals keep student data safe and secure?

Student data and safety are top priorities at Project Pals: Our platform is secure and encrypted with the latest standards to protect student privacy. When student projects are published to a public link, students' personal data is hidden from viewers.

Teach Essential 21st-Century Skills, Even Remotely

"Working with Project Pals has been an enriching experience for our students and teachers. It is an interactive and engaging platform that provides real-world learning experiences. The platform focuses on developing 21st-Century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and curiosity. Further, it provides teachers the opportunity to gauge student engagement, and the application is a great way to actively involve students through remote learning!"

Stay up-to-date on all things PBL and Project Pals

Be the first to know about new product features, exciting PBL research, and actionable tips and implementation strategies for PBL success in your school or district.