PBL Grading

Assessment in PBL is Tricky. Here's How to Master It with the Right Rubric

Assessment in traditional teaching used to be “easy.” 

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Professional Development Training

Most PD Courses Are Awful, So We Made a Better One for the Modern Teacher

Ready to take a professional development (PD) course that you'll actually use?

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Critical Thinking 21st Century Skills Research

Here's Why Research Is So Important (And How to Teach It to Your Students)

Research may be the most important skill our students need to succeed in the future, but research...

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New Projects Catalog Updates

5 New Projects in the Catalog You Need to Try in Your Classroom

Did you know at Project Pals we're always adding new projects to our Project Catalog

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Project Pals Teacher Profile Student Projects

Deborah Almond Shares How Project Pals Supercharged Her Tutoring Service

Deborah Almond is the founder of Realme Education, a tutoring and training service located in...

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Project Pals Lesson plan

Learn How to Use Project Pals with Our New Student Orientation Project

Introducing your students to Project Pals is even easier with our new project Student Orientation -...

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PBL Student Projects Bloom Partnership

5 Show-Stopping Projects from Our PBL Student Showcase in India

Project Pals has partnered with Bloom Public School in India's capital, New Delhi, as part of their...

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Teacher Profile Student Projects

Heather Castaneda-Ponce Reflects on 3 Years of Success with Project Pals

Heather Castaneda-Ponce is a seasoned educator and social studies teacher based in Las Vegas,...

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Project Pals Analytics

How to Use Project Pals Analytics Like a Pro

Data and assessment should be at the core of every teacher's methodology. At Project Pals, we've...

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Project-Based Learning Project Management

Project Management Makes or Breaks Projects. Here's How to Do It Right

“Corporate America spends more than $275 billion each year on approximately 200,000 projects. Many...

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